You are intrigued, but still have some questions?  Here is what you need to know before you buy!

Meat Order Pro pricing is based on the number of users needed. Payment options include monthly ACH payments or outright purchase with annual maintenance.  Both versions require a setup, installation and training fee.  Add on modules are purchased with annual maintenance.

We have many customers who use Meat Order Pro with a single computer. The program has been developed and the pricing is structured to be used by 1 to 10 + users.


We have a Cloud/Hosted option for an additional monthly fee. With an internet connection, you can have unlimited computers using Meat Order Pro with no additional hardware besides your Windows based workstation. 

Yes!  We know that it is difficult to find a program to do exactly what you would like.  Your Meat Order Pro program is maintained separately for each customer.  We will be happy to send you a quote for any customizations you may want.

We have set up many customers with website integration. Since each website is set up differently, we would be happy to determine the best way to get your website orders into your program without further data entry.  We would send you a quote for this customization.

The Notification add-on module does require a third party software for emailing and texting.

The data entry process is self explanatory and consistent throughout the program. We also include online/personalized training in your purchase to make sure the program is set up to fit the way you do business.

First, Don’t Panic!

If you purchase the cloud version of Meat Order Pro, your data and program are stored and backed up by the hosting service. Just get another working computer connected to the internet and you are going again.


If your Meat Order Pro is stored on your computer or server, we can create a process to copy your data but you are responsible for any backup off site. We can help you with recommendations.


We keep copies of your program so we can install a new one whenever needed.