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Track a customer order from data entry, cut instructions, production,
customer pick-up, invoicing and more!


  • Prior to order entry, you can set up your species and product/cuts as needed. 
  • Set up miscellaneous charges to be automatically included.  Charges can be calculated based on the weight entered.
  • Create order, select species and customer.  All cuts and product are automatically included.
  • Indicate cuts wanted and add sizes, quantities and instructions as needed.
  • Easily print cut instructions and print box labels.


  • Use the search screen to find the customer’s previous orders.  Click Copy to New to create a new order.   “Just like last year….”
  • Set up a Retail and/or Wholesale species and product offered.
  • Pricing, descriptions and product can be changed easily
  • Print pick ticket to pull ordered items and indicate actual weight
  • Enter weights complete orders, print labels and invoices, mark order as picked up.
  • Use inquiry screen to find any order and copy to a new one if requested.


Whether you produce product for specific orders at the same time… OR

If you create product and fulfill orders from stock…

  • Go to the report screen to view the total pounds needed by species and product.  
  • Use the Scheduling screen to enter the amount to be produced and assign the production to open orders. 
  • After production is complete, enter actual lbs per order or use the ordered quantity.
  • Order status will show the date production was complete for the item and will changed to Ready when all items are produced.
  • Go to Batch Production screen to see the quantity needed to fill all orders.  In stock and assigned quantities are also calculated.
  • Print all invoices or indicate orders as picked up from the same screen.


Organize your slaughter schedule by species
  • Create the schedule by day of week, animal count and species
  • Assign producer animals by date available
  • Assign customers and create Meat Order Pro orders prior to schedule date if possible
  • Add cut instructions to order to be ready for slaughter date
  • Show animals scheduled by date, enter tag numbers and weights
  • Print instructions and labels for each date and species
  • Producer, tag and weight are saved with the order
  • Maintain a wait list and transfer to schedule if available


Keep track of recipes and calculate batches with the recipe add-on module.

  • Enter recipes for product with all raw materials and instructions.
  • Print HAACP form for recipe approval.
  • Use batch production to indicate the quantity to produce and print recipe amounts. 
  • Print other HAACP forms as needed. Over 24 standard forms are included.
  • Use Product Cost screen to see costs by item, markup % and target price.
  • Easily use reverse production to see what and how much can be made with raw material available


Save time & keep customers informed using the notification module.

  • When order is placed, indicate if the customer would like to be notified by phone, email or text.
  • When the order is ready, the notifications can be sent with a couple of clicks.
  • Notification information is saved by order and can be referenced if needed.
  • Easily re-notify if orders are not picked up.


  • Go to the Quick Pick screen to select invoice printing for all completed orders or use the Search screen to select the order and print the invoice individually.
  • Use Terms by customer to indicate the invoice due date.
  • Use Sales Tax if required and print summary report for totals.
  • There are over 30 standard reports included in Meat Order Pro. From Items Ordered by Month to Open Orders/Items to Production Summary.
Meat Order Pro is a member of the American Association of Meat Processors.

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