Order Tracking and Processing is Based on your Business

If you produce product for specific orders at the same time…

  • Go to the report screen to view the total pounds needed by species and product.  
  • Use the Scheduling screen to enter the amount to be produced and assign the production to open orders. 
  • After production is complete, enter actual lbs per order or use the ordered quantity.
  • Order status will show the date production was complete for the item and will changed to Ready when all items are produced.

If you create product and fulfill orders from stock…

  • Go to Batch Production screen to see the quantity needed to fill all orders.  In stock and assigned quantities are also calculated.
  • Print worksheet to indicate amount produced.
  • Enter production and automatically assign stock to existing orders.  Fulfillment will be based on all product on order being available.
  • Order will automatically be changed to Ready.
  • Print all invoices or indicate orders as picked up from the same screen.