If you have been asked any of the following questions by customers or employees, you need to see how Meat Order Pro can give you the answers you are looking for.  Our clients rave that these are the features that they have found the most helpful!

ANSWER:   Order Search and Order Status.  Use the Search screen to find orders and check the Status tab for all cuts and items ordered.

ANSWER: Distribute Lbs. Select product and automatically create quantity ordered by evenly distributing the trim lbs available.

ANSWER:  In this age of ‘less is better’ regarding customer contact, you can easily enter a retail counter order into Meat Order Pro, print the pick sheet to pull the items and then enter the actual weight back into the order for invoicing.  Everything is ready by the time the customer comes to pick up the order.  Use the bin location field to easily find the order in your cooler.

ANSWER:   There are various reports showing open orders with all items to be produced.  Select by species, customer, date range, etc.  In the production version, assign production to orders in scheduling.

ANSWER:  In the Inventory version of Meat Order Pro, automatically see what needs to be produced, enter the production and distribute the finished product to open orders.

ANSWER: Use the Search screen to find the order and print cut instructions.  Enter finished packages on cut worksheet.  Complete the order from the same screen.

ANSWER:  Use the bin location on each order to find in your coolers/freezer.  No longer do you need to move boxes in order to alphabetize in your freezer.

ANSWER:  With Administrator rights, you can enter any items and change pricing as needed.  All of that information is maintained by you or your staff without the need to contact a programmer.